"Democracy Engine is a bellwether for politics. The need is there, the organizations are there, the people are there. This is the kind of fundraising innovation the Left has been waiting for."

- Lara Bergthold, Chair of the Board of Directors, People For the American Way

"What I find most compelling about Democracy Engine is that my customers don’t need a merchant account. They can be up and running with little hassle in just a few hours. And, as a developer, the API is much easier to work with than traditional gateways like Authorize.net. I highly recommend Democracy Engine to all my US-based customers."

- Jim Gilliam, Founder and CEO, NationBulder.com

"What makes Democracy Engine such a powerful tool is its flexibility. Each time we came up with a new way we wanted to fundraise for our candidates, we discovered that the platform could accommodate our needs -- it really could go with us. … The power and simplicity of this platform allowed us to engage our existing members, significantly grow our list, and dramatically multiply our technology investment into serious hard dollars for our endorsed candidates."

- Ilana Goldman, President, Women’s Campaign Forum (2005-2009)

"In the 2008 cycle, HRC PAC started using Democracy Engine, and we were instantly impressed. Democracy Engine's system is incredibly easy to use, allows for instant updates and editing, and made reporting effortless. Many of our donors and bipartisan candidates have thanked HRC for having such a simple and useful system."

- Mike Mings, PAC Director, Human Rights Campaign

"Together, Jonathan, Erik and Josh make for a truly innovative team. They have worked hard to build a visionary yet practical platform, one that will be taking politics well into the 21st century."

- Jackson Dunn, National Finance Director,
Democratic National Committee (2001-2005)

“Integrating our processing system with Democracy Engine's API was a breeze and their technical support while we programmed and tested was exceptional.  In less than 48 hours we were ready to go ... taking new customers live now takes less than a day.”

- Chris Lundberg, CEO, Salsa Labs

"Perhaps most importantly, in Jonathan Zucker we never had a vendor or consultant, but rather another member of our own team, with the same goals and mission -- it made a huge difference to have a trusted professional on our side when launching a new and important initiative."

- Ilana Goldman, President, Women’s Campaign Forum (2005-2009)

"As a political consulting firm, we've set up a lot of clients to accept online contributions. We're used to the lengthy process that you go through via traditional gateways like Authorize.net, in which most of the time they're asking for information that political campaigns almost never have. Your sign-up and validation process could not have been easier: a simple process asking for information we have on hand and one day later our client was accepting online donations."

- Kevin Yee, Stearns Consulting, San Francisco

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What Is Democracy Engine?

Democracy Engine offers a Web-based software platform that can be used by organizations and individuals to raise funds in support of candidates, goals and initiatives. By offering a flexible technology platform based on a strong legal and organizational infrastructure, Democracy Engine is able to channel funds to candidates for any political office and any type of nonprofit organization.

Not only does Democracy Engine provide the flexibility necessary to operate within the complex and ever-changing world of political fundraising, Democracy Engine is nonpartisan, which allows for partnerships with a wide range of organizations.

Democracy Engine:

  • Offers a Web-based software platform that provides organizations with a powerful, flexible tool for raising money for their candidates, their causes and themselves.
  • Provides a community fundraising platform that can be used by organizations to empower their members, and their members’ networks, to support candidates and meet the organization’s financial needs.
  • Supports nonpartisan organizations and the candidates they endorse without being restricted by strictly partisan fundraising polices.
  • Provides simple and effective online tools that enable organizations to meet their financial goals, and to engage and empower their membership to support any candidate at any level — from city hall to the White House.
  • Pairs cutting-edge technology with an experienced legal team, which together act as a reliable and time-tested partner in dealing with the constantly changing world of campaign finance. 

Why Democracy Engine?

  • Democracy Engine fills a void in the political fundraising sphere by offering organizations simple and effective online tools to engage their membership in supporting candidates and causes, and a community fundraising platform that empowers their members and members’ networks to support candidates and meet the organization’s financial needs.
  • Campaign contributions are highly regulated at the federal, state and local levels, creating complex and overlapping requirements for fundraisers. Democracy Engine helps organizations and individuals navigate this legal landscape by leveraging technology in a single, easy-to-use, flexible platform that can adapt to various clients’ needs, regardless of their size.
  • Democracy Engine allows clients to fully realize their political and fundraising potential by taking on and streamlining tasks that normally require significant time and resources.
  • By integrating seamlessly with clients’ current systems, Democracy Engine allows clients to focus less on internal administration and mechanics, and more on raising money for their candidates and causes.
  • Democracy Engine provides a simple, flexible, universal solution for anyone — lobbyists, PACs or fund recipients — who donates, manages, tracks or receives contributions.
  • Clients are not required to decide immediately the nature of their specific fundraising goals; Democracy Engine allows for flexibility and change with clients’ dynamic needs.
  • Because Democracy Engine offers a universal platform, clients will not have to change fundraising systems as they shift among state, local and national elections.
  • Democracy Engine was built not only by cutting-edge programmers with the best technology available, but also by top-notch legal experts to simplify compliance with campaign finance laws and reporting requirements.
  • Campaign fundraising is an ever-changing landscape, and Democracy Engine is built to adapt to legislative changes as they happen.